2.7.365: My Miniature World

I’m messing around with Tilt Shift Photography today. I saw a post about it… somewhere. I can’t remember where. But I knew as soon I saw it that I wanted to try it out.  Who wouldn’t want to turn their world into a miniature version of itself? It’s adorable and creepy all at once.

I didn’t take these pictures today. It’s a gorgeous warm day, no snow here.  I had to go back several years to find a couple that would work for this type of editing. Turns out most of my pictures are more of the macro or landscape type. I’ll probably spend all day tomorrow trying to get some shots from high above everything so I can try it out a few more times.


2 Comments to “2.7.365: My Miniature World”

  1. Wow, that’s really strange and totally cool!

  2. It’s really weird stuff, isn’t it? Strange how just blurring some things can give such an out of this world effect.

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