2.9.365: Meat is over-rated

Every time I see a rant or hear a news report about how Taco Bell’s meat is lacking in any actual meat, it makes me start craving a Double Decker Taco, no lettuce. Why no lettuce? Because I know that Taco Bell food isn’t real food, so why should I muck it up with real vegetables? That’s a sin, people. A *sin*.

I like to keep my Double Deckers pure. And by pure I mean only filled with things that Taco Bell deems worthy of their meat, like sand and oatmeal.

Mmmm… I kind of wish I had another one right now.

Updated to add: Yes- I did try to chop off the tip of my thumb last night while cutting up salad. SEE? Lettuce is evil stuff.


3 Comments to “2.9.365: Meat is over-rated”

  1. I don’t worry about the meat issue because I get bean burritos. Every time. Two bean burritos and i am super duper happy.

  2. Ever watch The Biggest Loser? At the beginning of the season it shows horribly overweight people shoving french fries, and greasy, dripping burgers into their mouths. It’s supposed to show us how disgusting their eating habits are – but instead it makes me want to run out and get that exact same burger just for me. Mmmmm, greasy dripping burger. 😛

  3. I like the taco bowl. mmmm.

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