2.17.365: Character Counts

Six times a year the teachers at the girl’s school get to nominate a kid from their class for a character counts award based on the six pillars of good character. This month’s pillar was Caring and both the girls ended up winning the award.

Can I tell you that although I was pretty darn proud of the straight A reports cards they brought home a couple of weeks ago, I’m even more proud of this? I like that my girls take care of people and I like that their teachers recognize them for something other than knowing how to recite the multiplication table or the alphabet. I especially like that their teachers came up to me and told me how great the girls are to have in class.

Also? Free Subway gift certificates are nice too.


2 Comments to “2.17.365: Character Counts”

  1. So sweet!!! You have a right to be one proud mama! And look at their faces too!

  2. That’s awesome! Go Girls!

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