3.5.365: A sea of ugly

If you’ve been in my house, you’ve seen this monstrosity. If you haven’t, I apologize for subjecting you to the horror that is my kitchen floor.

Some mornings when I wake up it’s too much for me and I have to go lay down again.


2 Comments to “3.5.365: A sea of ugly”

  1. um…it is actually fairly charming in it is mock-Spanish lino ways. I actually think I like it (provided it isn’t sticky or covered in dog slobber.)

    • You’re right, the pattern isn’t terrible. What’s terrible are the holes and popped nails and scratches. If it was tile I would probably love it. I just can’t deal with crappy, torn up linoleum.

      I also think this picture is deceiving. When you are presented with a 25 x 14 foot room of this pattern? It’s a bit much.

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