3.10.365: A touch of warmth.

It’s not Spring. I know this. It’s only March and it always snows here in May. May is when I can claim Spring, no matter what the calendar says.

I won’t be fooled by the 70 degree weather and clean air that makes me throw open every window and every door in the house. However, I will bask in in it’s glory. I will make sun tea and drink it on the porch. I will play outside and dream of Summer.

But I will not get my hopes up that this is Spring.



5 Comments to “3.10.365: A touch of warmth.”

  1. That looks lovely. And it looks all sunshiney and springy and it makes me want to be there right now. it snowed here last night….

  2. Very nice picture. Fun story…like a sweet poem.

  3. Nice text and nice photo! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. It was that way last week here in Nashville, but yup, spring is not quite here yet.

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