4.3.365: Country kids are not afraid of slime.

They search it out. The scour the creeks to find frogs and salamanders and then bring them home for me to admire. They dig up worms and rollie-polies and try to keep them for pets.

This time of year, we’ve got a bucket-full of salamanders on the porch every night. Every afternoon the girls fill it up and then every morning they are surprised to find their buckets empty. Of course, that’s just an excuse to find some more. They use them like dolls, enacting great love affairs and epic battles between salamanders.

Those poor little slime-balls. I feel for them. I really do.

Oh… um…. I just looked up the Sierra Newt and it turns out they are highly poisonous if ingested so… probably you shouldn’t lick them. *Shrugs* Apparently they can be kept as pets as long as you keep them out of your mouth. I’m fairly certain my kids aren’t snacking on them. Much.


One Comment to “4.3.365: Country kids are not afraid of slime.”

  1. Well, sometimes they might need kisses to see if they turn into a prince….

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