5.3.365: A plan gone awry

For once, I had a plan for today. I was going to shoot all the ladybugs I kept seeing everywhere all morning. I even pulled out my tripod for some steady macro shots. I got some great ones that my camera managed to eat between my backyard and my laptop. How did that happen?

So, it was back out again sans the tripod (too much work twice in one day) to try again. The problem with nature is it’s never quite where you left it when you return. So of course, all I could find on my second foray was this sad spotless guy being blown out by the blaring sun.  (I’m assuming it was a guy because no self-respecting Ladybird would venture into the wilds without all her spots on.)

If I had thought to bring a diffuser of some sort, I could have dealt with the blaring sun but I didn’t plan well on my second trip into the wilds of my backyard.*Sigh* It was too much to ask for the ladybugs to place themselves in a shady corner of my yard both times. Oh well. I did manage to find some of the tiniest flowers in that corner.

Aren’t they adorable? They are each about the size of a pencil tip. They aren’t quite ladybugs, but they’ll do.


4 Comments to “5.3.365: A plan gone awry”

  1. I love your little white flowers photo. Can I use it as a background on my desktop? I follow your postings by being introduced to you on Ravelry–Tulare Kern Yarn Mavens. On Ravelry I am ‘menewe’.

  2. Sure. Although, that’s not a very good quality picture. I upload small files here. It may get blurry if you try to make it too big.

    I’ll check you out on Ravelry. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I found a ladybug in my bed on Saturday night at 1am and I’m pretty sure it was biting my ass. I was not at all impressed. Actually… do you know if ladybugs lose their redness when they die. Because I didn’t take the time to inspect the bug in the light until morning when I opened up the kleenex and found the squished grey-ish ladybug. Maybe it was something more sinister.
    It’s really nice to have a place to come and ramble about mutant insects that bite my bum in the middle of the night….

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