5.9.365: I’m going to pretend this never happened.

As I was leaning against the porch railing, taking pictures of the rain pouring off of the roof, Jeremy came out to talk to me:

“I just read that we have a winter storm warning until five o’clock: thunder, lightening, and penny-sized hail. Take cover.”

…Five seconds later…

“You do realize this is all your fault, right?”

Yes, dear. I understand. It’s completely my fault. If I could go back in time and keep myself from planting those flowers, I would. However, today it’s sunny and I’m just going to pretend the last few days never happened.

But don’t worry,  I won’t be buying any more flowers for a couple of weeks.


3 Responses to “5.9.365: I’m going to pretend this never happened.”

  1. Totally your fault….but it is warm here (but not currently sunny) so I am not mad at your 😉

  2. It’s raining here too. Then it’ll stop for a few minutes and suddenly the kids think I’m a big mean non-promise-keeper because I’m not taking them to the park for a picnic lunch, since I said I would on the first nice, non-rainy day. sigh.


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