5.11.365: Saartje Booties for a Wee One.

I’m knitting for all the babies that are about to arrive, or have already arrived, this Spring. I know they have plenty of grandmas to knit for them, but they also have plenty of people to buy them clothes and toys and every thing else their wee little hearts desire. So, handmade is good. At least with handmade I can guarantee nobody else will be gifting the same thing.

Saartje Booties

Saartje Booties are probably the cutest girly baby booties on the planet. They look like little mary-janes but move comfortably for little baby toes. Plus, these are 100% cotton so they are cool for Summer. No sweaty tootsies, no hot babies, lots of tiny toes wrapped in grape colored yarn. Perfection.


2 Comments to “5.11.365: Saartje Booties for a Wee One.”

  1. Those are frickin’ adorable!

    • Thanks Tiffany! I think they came out alright. I’m not in love with the top edge but what can you do? I’m not making them over. 🙂

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