5.15.365: This is why

If you’ve ever wondered why Jeremy and I are still going strong after twelve years? This is pretty high on the list of reasons:

He makes the best damn cookies on the planet. It takes so little to keep a marriage strong.


7 Comments to “5.15.365: This is why”

  1. My husband makes the best cookies too!!! What’s with that? I actually hate baking. Hate it. I know, stay home moms of four should be all betty crocker in the kitchen. Not so. I’ll bake if I HAVE to, and there aren’t very many reasons why I should have to, so I don’t.

    He’s got this one recipe for these chocolate chip / oatmeal / walnut cookies that are so ridiculous that I eat about ten a day until they’re gone. I should share it with you, and you could just pass it along to Jeremy.

    Hey, you should post his chocolate chip cookie recipe!

  2. You send me cookies, I’ll send you brownies….

  3. Cookies are important. Those look so good!

    • How about you borrow them long enough for him to make cookies? Any longer and you may reconsider your rash marriage proposal.

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