5.24.365: In which I am once again surprised by all the things I don’t know.

I’m sure that somewhere there is a manual On All Things Adult that I missed. In any case, I am continually shocked by all the things I should know, but don’t.

Like that I should vacuum out my car more than once a year.

Like letting kids have food in the back of a car unsupervised and then only vacuuming it once a year is a bad, bad plan.

Like the fact that you can pull up the flap in the trunk of my Explorer to get behind the back seat to clean. I had no clue that was possible. I didn’t even know I SHOULD be cleaning back there. You know when your kids have friends over and they play in their bedroom for hours and then the next morning you walk in there are all, “WHOA. What the hell happened in this dump?”

Multiply that by six years. Then multiply that by three kids.

I saw things that a nice girl like me should never see. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to look in my back seat again without feeling a little ill.

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