6.14.365: Look Ma! No Gray!

In which I remember I used to be the kind of girl that mocked people who couldn’t keep up with their gray hair and do something about all the stuff taking over the top of my head.

I also used to be the kind of girl who got up and did something with this mop other than put it in a pony tail. And? I used to wear something other than yoga pants day in and day out. Look, I can’t be perfect. I dyed it. That’s a pretty big accomplishment these days. I can pretty much guarantee we’re going to be back to yoga pants, curly hair and a pony tail tomorrow. But hey! There won’t be any grays up there!


2 Comments to “6.14.365: Look Ma! No Gray!”

  1. LOL I won’t ask your age but I sure know mine, and I don’t think I should be showing grays/silvers — except I’ve had a few since I was 17… Heck, they just seem more pronounced now, multiplying like bunnies in the Spring. Maybe I just notice them more now. I’ve been meaning to do SOMETHING about it (for the last umpteen years) so your post has served as a “gentle” reminder that I’m not gettin’ any younger!!! 😉

  2. My grays used to look like highlights…especially in the summer when my hair is naturally streaky and lighter anyway.

    But, now…the grays stick up at odd angles and congregate in my part.

    I bought a box of something the other day. It was a little lighter than I planned….but it kinda made me happy.

    Color on my friend!

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