6.26.365: Eye liner? Eye think not.

I’m fairly certain I haven’t worn eye liner since I was about sixteen. I haven’t stopped buying it. I just apply it and then wipe it off because I am incapable of putting makeup on with out hearing my mom tell me to use a light hand. 90 percent of what I put on, I take off again. I don’t know why I reached for the eye liner today. It’s not like I was planning on leaving the house.

Turns out, I really hate the stuff. I can’t apply it correctly and I think it just makes me look old. Or maybe that’s just any makeup I can see on myself? I don’t know. The point? If you catch the wind blowing through your hair while taking self-portraits, it won’t matter how badly you’ve applied your makeup. And, if I really want to wear makeup, I should just have my sister-in-law apply it for me. End of story.


One Comment to “6.26.365: Eye liner? Eye think not.”

  1. I wear such little makeup, that when I put on a little eye shadow for a wedding, Violet gushed about how good my make-up looked, even though I really have no idea what I am doing.

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