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July 20, 2011

7.19.365: Revenge can be served warm too.

Jeremy showed up at our friends house and helped take down the tree that attacked my oldest kid.

Then our friend sent a piece of the tree home for us to burn. When she’s feeling up to it, we’re going to burn that thing and roast marshmallows in the flames. It’s not weird to take revenge against a tree, is it? Meh. It doesn’t really matter if it is. We’re doing it and those are going to be the best damn s’mores ever eaten.

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July 20, 2011

7.18.365: The Day After

She’s doing good. She feels good enough to joke about the incident and talk on the phone to the million and one people who keep calling to ask how she’s doing. Which I totally appreciate. All those callers and well-wishers are making her feel good and keeping her mind off of her arm and other owies.

She’s smiling, she’s laughing and she doesn’t seem to realize how horribly this all could have gone. I’m really, incredibly grateful for that. No- I’m just really, incredibly grateful for everything.

July 20, 2011

7.17.365: 23 stitches

If you know me, you know the story. If you don’t, let’s just leave it at: She fought a tree and the tree won.

But if you ask her she’ll tell you that she was attacked by three grizzly bears and she fought them off with her super stealthy ninja moves. Because she’s just that tough.

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July 20, 2011

7.16.365: Mac and Cheese could possibly be the death of me.

I’ve been low-carb dieting. I had no clue that this plan would actually work since I usually live off bowls of Lucky Charms and nachos. I don’t exactly have a low-carb life style. But amazingly enough, I’ve managed to stick to my plan and I don’t really miss those bowls of Fruit Loops at all. Also, I’ve lost nine pounds.

However, every girl has her limits.

My limit can be reached by making a giant dish of macaroni and cheese and then letting it sit on the stove top for an hour. Do you realize that if you let something cheesy and pasta-ey and gooey sit on the stove stop for an hour, the smell will waft through every inch of your house? There is no escape.

So, I had a bowl. It was delicious.

July 20, 2011

7.14.365: Lelah

I finished it! It only took me three months to finish a tube top it generally takes people a couple weeks to finish. I’m slow. I know this.

However, It’s done. I love it. I’ll wear it. That makes all those hours of knitting worth the time. And, since I have only been knitting since February, I’m kind of proud that I managed to finish it at all.

July 20, 2011

7.12.365: Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, think I’ll eat some worms.

Country Kids like worms, but they don’t eat them. Probably.

I’ve always avoided those tangled messes of webbing in the underbrush of the forest, assuming that they contained giant mutant spiders. Country Kids don’t do that. Country kids head straight for them and poke them with a stick to see what happens. And when fuzzy silk worms come crawling out, they pick them up and carry them around and watch them crawl all over their hands. I don’t think I’ll ever manage to be a Country Kid.

July 20, 2011

7.11.365: This isn’t the boring picture it was supposed to be

After a week and a half of go!go!go! I promised myself that I would sit at home for a few days and do absolutely nothing. That thought didn’t last long. It only took a couple hours until I was trying to convince the Husband that we needed to go fishing at the ponds up the mountain. Then, he was trying to convince me that we needed to go camping up the mountain instead. I went along with the plan because I’m a wonderful wife and I really like camping.

So we piled into the car and went camping. I can always be boring later.

July 20, 2011

7.7.365: See? I told you we are adorable

Tahoe, the land of dreams and beer and good people. I never wanted to leave. In fact, looking at these pictures makes me want to hop in the car, grab my friends and head back. Do you know that I only had to stop one argument between my kids in three days. ONE. It’s like a miracle land that keeps children in line. Sigh…. if only I could stay there forever.

In any case, I didn’t take this picture. BUT! I did hand the camera to my husband and order him to photograph the three hot chicks standing in front of him. He photographed us instead. I kid! I kid! Haha! We’re are totally hot if you’re into that mom with kids look. Which every one is, right? Right.

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July 20, 2011

7.6.365: Virginia City…

…isn’t in Virginia. It’s in Nevada somewhere. I can’t tell you exactly where because I didn’t drive and when I don’t drive, I don’t pay attention to minor things like directions or highway numbers or the state I am in. But, I’m pretty sure the kids made a big deal about entering another state and I saw casinos so… I can almost guarantee this was Nevada. Almost.

This is a church. Or a cathedral. It’s religious in some way and pretty. That’s what I was going for. The pretty, not the religious. Which, now that I think about it, had really nothing to do with why we were in Virginia City. All we did there was shop and eat some outstanding barbeque and marvel at our companion who bought something close to 40 pounds worth of saltwater taffy. That was a lot of taffy. The entire day was fun but not in any way religious and/or pretty. Except this view. The view was pretty.

And us, of course. We’re always adorable.

July 20, 2011

7.5.365: Driving


I’m not the sort of girl who takes pictures while driving. Nope. Not me. Unless…. I really want a picture and the Husband won’t take it or I’m alone in the car…

Then I MIGHT consider whipping out my camera and taking a picture or twelve.

We drove to Tahoe today. It was a really, really long drive but totally worth it. I think I might just have to start summering in Tahoe and then flying south like a bird for the winter. That place is pure heaven.