7.16.365: Mac and Cheese could possibly be the death of me.

I’ve been low-carb dieting. I had no clue that this plan would actually work since I usually live off bowls of Lucky Charms and nachos. I don’t exactly have a low-carb life style. But amazingly enough, I’ve managed to stick to my plan and I don’t really miss those bowls of Fruit Loops at all. Also, I’ve lost nine pounds.

However, every girl has her limits.

My limit can be reached by making a giant dish of macaroni and cheese and then letting it sit on the stove top for an hour. Do you realize that if you let something cheesy and pasta-ey and gooey sit on the stove stop for an hour, the smell will waft through every inch of your house? There is no escape.

So, I had a bowl. It was delicious.


3 Comments to “7.16.365: Mac and Cheese could possibly be the death of me.”

  1. Okay, I’ve been thinking about cutting back the carbs – I’d love to lose between 10 and 15 pounds. I’ve lost 22 since September and I seem to be stuck.

    What the heck kinds of things do you eat if you can eat carbs??

    • Well- I basically cut out all of the things you would think contain carbs: bread, pasta, cereals, chips, crackers, cookies. A normal breakfast has been cottage cheese and a fruit or eggs and some sort of protein (bacon, sausage, etc.) Lunches: I’ve been eating a lot of chicken, deli meat with cheese, salads, veggies with dressing.

      Dinner: I’ve been making normal dinners but just not serving myself whatever is high in carbs or only taking a small portion. I’m definitely going with LOW carb, not no carbs. You can eat most fruits and berries, just avoid bananas, oranges and grapes. And, definitely no dried fruit. Most veggies are okay, but keep corn to a minimum and no potatoes. Meats are good. I’ve been eating a lot of beef jerky for snacks. You can get some pretty good food lists off of the internet. I’ve been using these: http://lowcarbdiets.about.com/od/whattoeat/What_Foods_To_Eat_on_a_Low_Carb_Diet.htm

      I thought it would be hard, but since I can basically eat anything that isn’t a carb, I don’t feel like I’m dieting. I mean, what kind of diet allows as much bacon as you want? Plus, no carb loading means no sugar drops so I don’t find myself standing in front of the pantry shoveling handfuls of Lucky Charms down my throat. It seems to be working for now. I’ve got 8 more pounds to go and I’ll be happy with my weight. Eight pounds seems like nothing right now.


  2. It’s pretty awesome to be within 10 pounds of your goal! Thanks for the advice. I’m going to try this for sure.

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