7.7.365: See? I told you we are adorable

Tahoe, the land of dreams and beer and good people. I never wanted to leave. In fact, looking at these pictures makes me want to hop in the car, grab my friends and head back. Do you know that I only had to stop one argument between my kids in three days. ONE. It’s like a miracle land that keeps children in line. Sigh…. if only I could stay there forever.

In any case, I didn’t take this picture. BUT! I did hand the camera to my husband and order him to photograph the three hot chicks standing in front of him. He photographed us instead. I kid! I kid! Haha! We’re are totally hot if you’re into that mom with kids look. Which every one is, right? Right.

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One Comment to “7.7.365: See? I told you we are adorable”

  1. You´re totally right! The sheer hotness just boiled up the liquid of my screen! Indeed, its quite hard to write this comment with all these bubbles left and right… but seriously: I like the expression of assertiveness and its a nice pic, too.

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