9.5.365: According to some people…

… My oldest turned nine on Monday. According to others? Not so much. Major discussions were held about the probability of her turning nine versus eight. I can guarantee that she turned nine. I was there when she was born (Har).  If you still don’t believe me, count the candles on that that thar cake. There are nine. Candles don’t lie.

I know. It seems impossible. I’m pretty sure she came home from the hospital just yesterday. Now next year, when she turns ten, feel free to debate her age. There is no way in hell it is possible I could have a ten year old.


2 Comments to “9.5.365: According to some people…”

  1. Ha! Sometimes it messes my mind to think that if I was my mom I’d have a twelve year old right now. I’m 30. That’s a little insane. I can’t imagine.

    Even the fact that my baby is on the verge of losing her bottles and sippy cups makes me feel old.

  2. What??? 9?? no way….
    Those stinkin kids….always messing with us and getting older all the time.

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