9.18.365: Laundry is eternal.

I’m re-doing my laundry room. I’m not 100% sure why, except that it is in my hallway and has no doors so every time I walk to my bedroom I’m confronted with the horror that is my current space.

My budget is $20. Think I can make it happen? Today I made a home for my laundry soap for free. That’s a good start.  It was free because I had the old Ikea bin in the attic, the paint in a drawer and I bought the vinyl a million years ago from somewhere online. I didn’t measure anything or have a clue what I was going to do before I started doing it because I’m a complete bad ass.

Also, I’m lazy.

So if it seems off-kilter to you, just ignore it.
Home for soap

Why a home for laundry soap? Because even laundry soap needs a place to belong.

…and possibly because the laundry bottles are ugly and make me go a little crazy when I see them thrown on top of the dryer. I swear I don’t have OCD…

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