10.8.365: Soccer Mom

This is what soccer looks like to me: a bunch of blurs running around a soccer field. I can’t keep up. I just cheer loudly when I feel like I should.

Someone said to me the other day that every time they see a soccer mom with a DSLR, they want to punch someone. If I didn’t have my camera how would I get shots like this? People are dumb.

**I’d also like to add that spell check would like to change DSLR to LSD. For some reason this strikes me as particularly hilarious with this picture. It kind of looks like I shot it while under the influence.


2 Comments to “10.8.365: Soccer Mom”

  1. Great game shot!! And, actually, curiously reflexive: says something about motherhood, how it’s all a blur, goes too fast. Some people should just mind their own business: appreciate every moment; take pictures when you find them.

  2. DSLRs are the ONLY way to photographs sports. That was one dummy… 🙂

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