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December 30, 2011

12.29.365: Goodbye Christmas!

I start to get itchy about the ornaments and nick-knacks and the tree around the 22nd of December.

I generally take the entire thing down by the day after. This year I gave it until the 29th. I’m such a rebel.

December 30, 2011

12.21.365 – 12.27.365: Ketchup

It’s that time of year again! It’s all 7days, all the time. I could go through and post each of these on their own, but I’m lazy and that’s not going to happen. Instead you get a big post with a week worth of 7days self-portraits.

12.21.365:I’m crafting my little heart out.

This is what happens when you decide to make all the gifts for Christmas. You have to stand like this for four weeks straight. I hurt, lots.


12.22.365: Cheap beer helps with the hurting.

But, more importantly: GINGERSNAPS. Nom nom nom.


12.23.365: A warm fire on a very cold night helps too.

Also, good friends who keep you laughing until the wee hours of the morning.


12.24.365: My parents are super cute. The evidence:

I’m the one helpfully labeled for your viewing pleasure.


12.25.365: A cat’s Christmas.

She’s got a warm lap, a full belly and a willing human to pet her. Life is good.


12.26.365: Tea and the Doctor

On my first night without kids, I sat around drinking tea and having a Doctor Who marathon. Because I am just that cool.


12.27.365: Risky Business

This is what you do when you’re home alone, right?


December 6, 2011

12.6.365: Breakfast

And lunch.

And, possibly dinner.

I’m not saying definitely, just possibly. That still leaves the possibility for a plate-full of vegetables.

Bwahahaha! *Snort*

December 5, 2011

12.5.365: Feathers

Do you know what really frustrates me? When the electric company schedules a power outage at 11:30 on a Sunday night. Because that means on Monday morning when I am supposed to be getting the kids out of bed, I am blissfully asleep and my alarm clock, which should be beeping at me, is blinking 12:00.

Which means I’m late.

That’s frustrating. But what’s even more frustrating? Is when I’m running late and I finally get all of the kids dressed and ready to get in the car to go school (because we’ve missed the bus by a long shot), and we get out to the car and it’s totally covered in ice.

And my ice scraper has been eaten by the puppy.

And my heater takes three years to warm up the front window.

And the kids are whining about being COOOOOOOOOOOLD.

But the compensation is that while I’m sitting in my car, thinking dark thoughts about hunting down the electric company trucks and crashing my newly working vehicle into them, I get to look at the pretty feathers created by the ice on my windshield.

It almost makes it worthwhile.



December 4, 2011

12.4.365: When I see these signs…

… I automatically edit them for what the government is actually trying to tell us.

Tell me I’m not alone here.

December 3, 2011

12.2.365: So close, yet so far

One foot to the right and he would have made it to bed. He just couldn’t do it.

Somehow I don’t think this is the last night he’ll be found here.

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