1.17.365: Working Girl

I love special requests.

I like pretty much every part of the work I do: logo designs, web sites, paper goods. I don’t even mind the coding. But I really love when someone contacts me with a “So…. Do you think you could…?” request. Because probably I could. And, probably I wouldn’t have thought to go in that direction on my own.

Like a bowling party. I don’t think it would have occurred to me that there are bowling parties, or that people would want bowling party themed cupcake toppers and wraps. Then some one asks me to make something and the skies open up with possibilities.

Although, I have spent the last three days explaining to my kids that Yes, this is a party for a little girl, but NO, they are not invited. Also, Yes, this is the luckiest little girl in the world because she gets to have a bowling party, but NO, I will not call her mom up to ask if she’d like to have two extra girls at the party. And YES, Canada is very, very far away and NO, I will not be buying two round trip tickets to a bowling party in Canada.



3 Comments to “1.17.365: Working Girl”

  1. Charming! That bright blue is just the breath of fresh air I’ve been craving these bleak winter days.

  2. Buy THREE round trip tickets and come WITH them!! There will be popcorn and pizza…

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