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February 26, 2012

2.26.365: Green

We headed south of the border tonight, before heading out for a night on the town without the little buckaroos. It was very green in this house.

There were bright green cilantro leaves and mellow green limes. There were also three little children who were all green with envy about us going out with out them.

February 26, 2012

2.24.365: Inside my bathroom cabinet

Stuff. I haz it. There is an entire other drawer full of stuff that didn’t fit in the shot. What I don’t have is a medicine cabinet.

That means everything gets thrown haphazardly in drawers. It’s not exactly a great system, but it gets me through the morning.

February 26, 2012

2.23.365: Shoes

My shoes are a good way to define which reality I’m living in.

Once upon a time, long, long ago, I thought I would grow up and leave Orange County for New York City. I would live in a tiny studio in Manhattan so I could afford to purchase Very Important Things like red kitten heels and zebra print suede stilettos.

Instead of my fantasy, I got a reality where I left Orange County to live at the very edge of the end of the earth. Instead of turquoise espadrilles, I spend 67% of my life wearing fur lined rubber boots. Although I do get to wear my red kitten heals to impress all the other people wandering around Target at 2pm on a Monday. It’s not the same, but it’s something.

It’s a good life in the country but I can’t help fantasizing about three inches of patent leather when I’m mucking through the swamp I call a yard.

February 22, 2012

2.22.365: Where I work

I do freelance graphic design work from home, when I’m not busy being a Super Mom.

From the looks of things, I think I need a refill on that coffee.

February 21, 2012

2.21.365: A favorite photo of you

I love this photo for many reasons, not the least of which is it is so very 80’s. It doesn’t matter that I think it’s from 1990. I wasn’t ready to give up my Aquanet bangs and purple plastic glasses yet.

I think I can hear the Saved By The Bell theme song in the background.

February 20, 2012

2.20.365: Handwriting

The best part of having reading-age children is that I can make a chore list, hand it to them, and walk away. Pure Heaven.

February 19, 2012

2.19.365: Something I hate to do.

As previously mentioned I hate being cold. So in the Winter, I don’t run first thing in the am, I wait until the afternoon and hike up the side of a mountain. Normally this works well. This week as I was walking I spotted a set of mountain lion tracks bigger than the palm of my hand, followed by a set of tiny baby-sized tracks.

Now, I *might* risk a single mountain lion on my hiking trail. Probably not, but maybe. I will never, ever get in the way of a mama and baby anything. Mamas are scary.

So it’s back to the elliptical.

February 17, 2012

2.17.365: Adventure Time

There is a tree laying on its side in our front yard. Eventually it’s destined for the fire pit, but for now it makes a wonderful fortress, fairy castle, secret arch that leads to another dimension and occasional TARDIS.

Adventures can happen in the most common of places.


February 17, 2012

2.16.365: Something new

I wondered a while back if people still make mix tapes and give them to people. Then my friend made me a cd of all my favorite songs for my birthday. I guess that answers that question.

You’ll notice that the sleeve is empty though. That’s because it’s in the cd player right now. Get up and dance!

February 17, 2012

2.15.365: This is what I get for saying it doesn’t feel like winter.

I said it on Friday. It has rained and/or snowed every single day since.
Someone should hire me to say stupid things in drought ridden areas of the world.

You might notice this isn’t a phone, like the theme says it should be. I just couldn’t find inspiration in that topic. Oh well.