2.6.365: Dinner

You know how sometimes it’s 7:30 on a Monday and you are still 45 minutes from home and you realize when you get there you are still going to be expected to feed those three hungry mouths attached to those three hungry kids?

That’s when you give up and accept that sometimes the best you can do is two Hot and Ready pizzas from Little Caesars. You also realize that it’s okay because pizza is delicious, even when it’s incredibly cheap and pre-made.

Plus, I’ve heard it’s a vegetable now. So it must be okay.


3 Comments to “2.6.365: Dinner”

  1. LOL – my kids love little Caesars! It’s to the point where when I make homemade pizza, using a stone and homemade crust and awesome ingredients and my husband and I love it, the kids complain that we didn’t just buy little Caesars. Ingrates!

    • My kids feel the same way about home made mac and cheese. It’s Kraft or nothin’.

      • I’m with your kids on that one, Kraft is pretty good. Although, there are some home made recipes that look awesome! With loads of cheese and some sort of crumbly crunchy topping. It looks like comfort food to the max!

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