2.19.365: Something I hate to do.

As previously mentioned I hate being cold. So in the Winter, I don’t run first thing in the am, I wait until the afternoon and hike up the side of a mountain. Normally this works well. This week as I was walking I spotted a set of mountain lion tracks bigger than the palm of my hand, followed by a set of tiny baby-sized tracks.

Now, I *might* risk a single mountain lion on my hiking trail. Probably not, but maybe. I will never, ever get in the way of a mama and baby anything. Mamas are scary.

So it’s back to the elliptical.


One Comment to “2.19.365: Something I hate to do.”

  1. i’m jealous that your elliptical has a window to look out of. mine is in the basement. all i can look at is laundry while i think about how much i’d rather be outside.

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