3.27.365: A ghetto-tastic Kludge

On my last hike up to the mountain, I was pulling my camera out of my backpack when it slipped out of my hands and landed lens first on a rock. The clips that hold the lens onto the body shattered, making it impossible to keep the lens attached.

I may have cried a little.

I know this is a stock lens but it is the one I use every single day. It works for me. I like it. It likes me. We make beautiful pictures together. Since a new lens is WAY out of my budget this month, I went with the ghetto way out. When in doubt, grab the duct tape.

Hey- at least it was pretty duct tape.


One Comment to “3.27.365: A ghetto-tastic Kludge”

  1. This happened to me… luckily I found the clips and use krazy glue to put them back on. It was all I could do at the time. Hopefully, the duct tape stands up.

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