4.4.365: Someone that makes you happy

Sure I could post pictures of my kids. They make me happy. But hey! Who wants to see more pictures of my awesome friends who climb mountains with me?

Me too!! I swear I am not the only one sweating here. I’m just the only one sweating through my clothes. Ha!



One Comment to “4.4.365: Someone that makes you happy”

  1. I emailed you today because I missed you on your other blog, which I have on my feed reader. Then I thought about this one, which I click over to from your other one. I don’t know why I don’t have this on my feed, I guess just because I was in the habit of getting here from there!

    Anyway, so I (manually!) went to your other blog so I could click here to see if you were posting here because I was worried something happened and I’m really glad to see you here and posting and you aren’t dead.

    Love to you!

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