9.18.365: The Secret

My doctor was proud of me today for gaining four pounds since my last visit. Don’t tell him how I did it…


5 Comments to “9.18.365: The Secret”

  1. Hey, I’ve missed you! I am glad you are here.
    Why do you need to gain weight, my friend?
    Worried about you.

    • I lost 25 lbs last april, not on purpose. Keeping a steady weight and gaining some of it back means it was probably stress related and had nothing to do with the Sick that I can’t seem to kick. Or my wonky heart.

      That sounds worse than it is. I’m still alive, so it can’t be that bad. Haha!

  2. weight loss at our age is funny, isn’t it? I’m constantly trying to gain, and then I lose some. But then I gain to much so I try to lose about three pounds and 15 end up sliding away.

    Are we going to be those bony old ladies when we grow up?

    I hope you are well and fine and happy. I think of you often

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