10.23.365: {this is not} in my closet…

Sometimes it hits me how grateful I am to be a grown-up and not have to worry about someone telling me what to do and how to do it all the time. Sometimes I hear people say how they would love to go back in time and relive a younger age. I have never wished that. Not once. I love being thirty-three. Thirty four seems like it’s going to be pretty darn great too.

Today it hit how great being an adult is when I spotted a pile of my shoes that should be in my closet but are not. My mother would be so ashamed. I am not. This is not my closet, but it’s convenient and they stay nice and toasty next to the heater all night.


One Comment to “10.23.365: {this is not} in my closet…”

  1. LOL! There’s even a sock in one! You are awesome.
    I wouldn’t know what it’s like to be 33, I am WAY younger than that. Like, Way. At least 11 months…

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