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July 20, 2011

7.14.365: Lelah

I finished it! It only took me three months to finish a tube top it generally takes people a couple weeks to finish. I’m slow. I know this.

However, It’s done. I love it. I’ll wear it. That makes all those hours of knitting worth the time. And, since I have only been knitting since February, I’m kind of proud that I managed to finish it at all.

June 9, 2011

6.3.365: A headband for a wee one.

This ball of yarn seemed about the right size for a newborn head. Unless it was one of my kids as a newborn. Man, those kids had giant noggins.

Luckily, it was for my Almost-Niece. I think that kid has a normal sized head. Hopefully?

May 17, 2011

5.17.365: Berry Sweet Booties

These are a little over half-way done. Every time I look at them I’m all, “SQUEEE! Those are the cutest things ever!” And then I have to settle myself down. It’s a little strange to gush so much over something you made.

But really, they do deserve a little Squee, don’t they?

May 11, 2011

5.11.365: Saartje Booties for a Wee One.

I’m knitting for all the babies that are about to arrive, or have already arrived, this Spring. I know they have plenty of grandmas to knit for them, but they also have plenty of people to buy them clothes and toys and every thing else their wee little hearts desire. So, handmade is good. At least with handmade I can guarantee nobody else will be gifting the same thing.

Saartje Booties

Saartje Booties are probably the cutest girly baby booties on the planet. They look like little mary-janes but move comfortably for little baby toes. Plus, these are 100% cotton so they are cool for Summer. No sweaty tootsies, no hot babies, lots of tiny toes wrapped in grape colored yarn. Perfection.

April 5, 2011

4.5.365: Peachy Keen Lelah

The newest knitting project is a Lelah tube top, minus the tube. I’m adding straps to mine because I can’t pull off a tube top. Or I don’t want to pull off a tube top. Or something. I like straps. I feel better with straps. Straps are good.

Besides the strap modification, I’ve cut the lace in half and substituted plain old knitting in between the repeats. But still, it’s peachy and it’s keen and it’s going to be FABULOUS once I get past all the lace .

February 20, 2011

2.19.365: Zombunnies

Zombunny number one is complete. The body parts are done for number two. He just needs his face embroidered.

I needed a break, so I’m working on my Abominable SnowCozy for a while.

I swear, I’m mostly normal.

February 16, 2011

2.16.365: Finis

It’s finally done. Thank god. In case you were wondering? Scarves are boring. The same stitch, over and over and over. Next up? Zombunnies. There is nothing boring about Zombunnies.

Why am I hiding my face? Because I’m sick, yo. Sick and yucky and I’m the wonderful kind of person that spares their friends and relatives from viewing that kind of ick.

You are welcome.

February 8, 2011

2.8.365: In which I’m still knitting

My fingertips are killing me and I’m still barely getting anywhere. This may be because I pull out almost as many rows as I put in.

2.8.365 Basket weave

I’ve switched to a basket-weave pattern. Don’t look in the corner where I purled when I should have knit and knit when I should have purled.

I SAID DON’T LOOK. Gawd. You people never listen.

February 4, 2011

2.4.365: In which I knit

…and knit and knit and don’t really get anywhere.

This is supposed to be a scarf, not a potholder. Maybe if I stop here and pretend it’s a potholder I can feel like I really accomplished something?

February 3, 2011

2.3.365: I don’t knit

But I’d like to. I’m starting a beginning knitting class tonight at the local library. We’ll see if I can be taught.