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February 9, 2011

2.9.365: Meat is over-rated

Every time I see a rant or hear a news report about how Taco Bell’s meat is lacking in any actual meat, it makes me start craving a Double Decker Taco, no lettuce. Why no lettuce? Because I know that Taco Bell food isn’t real food, so why should I muck it up with real vegetables? That’s a sin, people. A *sin*.

I like to keep my Double Deckers pure. And by pure I mean only filled with things that Taco Bell deems worthy of their meat, like sand and oatmeal.

Mmmm… I kind of wish I had another one right now.

Updated to add: Yes- I did try to chop off the tip of my thumb last night while cutting up salad. SEE? Lettuce is evil stuff.