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May 6, 2011

5.6.365: I’m afraid to plant these.

Ever year, I buy flowers and soil and ground cover and then- without fail- as soon as I get them in the ground, it snows. EVERY freakin’ time.

I’m afraid to plant these. It’s supposed to cool off next week. I’m convinced that if I put these in the ground, that cool spell will turn into a cold spell and it will snow. Then the Husband will refuse to make me a fire in the woodstove because it’s only one day of snow. Then I will be cold. I really, really, really hate being cold.

They look nice in their little plastic Home Depot buckets, don’t they? Yes. I think they do.

April 20, 2011

4.19.365: Redbud Season

Spring is a beautiful thing. Although, I’m not sure I can call this Spring. I’m still huddling under a blanket and wearing five layers of clothing all day long, but hey- the Redbuds are blooming and there are wildflowers every where you look.

It hasn’t snowed in at least three weeks, so I guess that qualifies for Spring. Now if we can just inch our way out of the 60’s during the day, I’ll be truly happy with the season. Probably. There is still the matter of the random May snowstorm we get every year. It’s like Mother Nature has to throw in that last “screw you” before she finally surrenders and gives me what I want.

What do I want? HEAT. Blissful, radiating heat. I want to bask in all it’s blistering glory and complain about endless sunburns. Yep. That’s heaven to me. Until then I can deal with this Spring teaser.

It is pretty.