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December 30, 2011

12.21.365 – 12.27.365: Ketchup

It’s that time of year again! It’s all 7days, all the time. I could go through and post each of these on their own, but I’m lazy and that’s not going to happen. Instead you get a big post with a week worth of 7days self-portraits.

12.21.365:I’m crafting my little heart out.

This is what happens when you decide to make all the gifts for Christmas. You have to stand like this for four weeks straight. I hurt, lots.


12.22.365: Cheap beer helps with the hurting.

But, more importantly: GINGERSNAPS. Nom nom nom.


12.23.365: A warm fire on a very cold night helps too.

Also, good friends who keep you laughing until the wee hours of the morning.


12.24.365: My parents are super cute. The evidence:

I’m the one helpfully labeled for your viewing pleasure.


12.25.365: A cat’s Christmas.

She’s got a warm lap, a full belly and a willing human to pet her. Life is good.


12.26.365: Tea and the Doctor

On my first night without kids, I sat around drinking tea and having a Doctor Who marathon. Because I am just that cool.


12.27.365: Risky Business

This is what you do when you’re home alone, right?


July 20, 2011

7.14.365: Lelah

I finished it! It only took me three months to finish a tube top it generally takes people a couple weeks to finish. I’m slow. I know this.

However, It’s done. I love it. I’ll wear it. That makes all those hours of knitting worth the time. And, since I have only been knitting since February, I’m kind of proud that I managed to finish it at all.

June 26, 2011

6.23.365: 7Days- Upper Grouse Valley

I’m making it a point this summer to take my kids to see the local attractions instead of traveling all over the place. We’re pretty blessed to have Sequoia National Forest as our playground and I’m trying to take advantage. On day 6, we went to a set of lakes that are just a couple of miles and a short hike from my house.

This picture isn’t doing the lake any justice but the bright reflection was one I couldn’t pass up.

Feel free to look at the splendor that is the meadow and lakes instead of another picture of me:

June 20, 2011

6.20.365: 7Days- I *Heart* Flowers

With every little bitty part of me.

Especially flowers that are in my own garden and are still alive despite my complete lack of attention and 100 degree weather. Those are by far my favorite.