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September 24, 2011

9.21.365: The Gathering

Every night in summer, these guys gather around my windows and doors. The light from the house attracts every bug in the forest and these froggies like to catch them for dinner. I think it’s a lovely symbiotic relationship we have.

I really hate bugs and I really like frogs. This works for me.

June 29, 2011

6.27.365: Walking in the morning

So, going on a walk at 8am seems like it’s walking in the morning. However, I have been informed that it’s not really walking in the morning. It’s too late for everything to have that crisp, morning glow.

Whatever. This is the best I can do. The light was still pretty as it filtered through the trees. That counts for something.

April 12, 2011

4.6.365: There is no crying in baseball.

Even when you miss every ball that comes your way.

She looks ready though, doesn’t she?

April 4, 2011

4.3.365: Country kids are not afraid of slime.

They search it out. The scour the creeks to find frogs and salamanders and then bring them home for me to admire. They dig up worms and rollie-polies and try to keep them for pets.

This time of year, we’ve got a bucket-full of salamanders on the porch every night. Every afternoon the girls fill it up and then every morning they are surprised to find their buckets empty. Of course, that’s just an excuse to find some more. They use them like dolls, enacting great love affairs and epic battles between salamanders.

Those poor little slime-balls. I feel for them. I really do.

Oh… um…. I just looked up the Sierra Newt and it turns out they are highly poisonous if ingested so… probably you shouldn’t lick them. *Shrugs* Apparently they can be kept as pets as long as you keep them out of your mouth. I’m fairly certain my kids aren’t snacking on them. Much.

February 7, 2011

2.7.365: My Miniature World

I’m messing around with Tilt Shift Photography today. I saw a post about it… somewhere. I can’t remember where. But I knew as soon I saw it that I wanted to try it out.  Who wouldn’t want to turn their world into a miniature version of itself? It’s adorable and creepy all at once.

I didn’t take these pictures today. It’s a gorgeous warm day, no snow here.  I had to go back several years to find a couple that would work for this type of editing. Turns out most of my pictures are more of the macro or landscape type. I’ll probably spend all day tomorrow trying to get some shots from high above everything so I can try it out a few more times.

February 7, 2011

2.5.365: Lunch with the girls

The girls and I took the trek to Visalia just to eat at Chili’s because we had a gift card and some time to waste. I was amazed how cheap it is to feed three people when two of those people still eat off the kid’s menu. Also, when there are no margaritas involved.

Speaking of Margaritas: the oldest kid was fascinated by the sign on the wall that said, “When life hands you limes, make margaritas.” She didn’t know what it meant but she liked the word Margaritas.

Me too, Kid. Me too.

January 30, 2011

29.365: Old Cars and Lost Dreams

My backyard isn’t all secret faerie gardens. Some of it is junk left in rusty piles by the previous owners. When I’m walking around, I try to imagine what the heck these people were thinking. What were they going to do with that bakery case? Why exactly do we need a toll booth and a toxic waste barrel? Are they related in any way?

And then there are the old cars. I can imagine some old guy sitting around planning on restoring this hunk of twisted metal to it’s former glory. Then he’d go cruising down Main Street with his gray hair blowing in the wind.

Or maybe he just needed a convenient place to dump this thing. *Shrugs*

January 26, 2011

26.365: Waiting

It hasn’t rained here for a while. I’m beginning to think Mother Nature is messing with me. She’s trying to make me think Spring is here but I know that it’s really only January. Any minute now, She’s going to realize I’m not so easily fooled and start the rain and the snow machines up again.

Until then, the Bear and I are going to keep our umbrellas handy.

January 17, 2011

17.365: Another Foggy Day

It seems like it’s always foggy here this time of year. It was a gorgeous day but the evening was still murky.

The Tule Fog rolls in and everything gets hidden. I noticed that these trees have new buds forming on them, so I’m taking that as a sign that Spring will be here tomorrow, no matter what the fog is trying to convince me.

I’m ready. Really, really ready. It can’t only be January, can it?

January 17, 2011

3.365 Almost a storm but not quite

There were storm clouds sitting right on top of the valley today. It looked like the sky couldn’t decide if it wanted to rain or shine.