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May 6, 2011

5.4.365: An impromtu photoshoot

Every one is always bugging me about pictures of my kids. You would think with as often as I’m hauling my camera around shooting pictures of my kids, I would have a million photographs to pass along to my family. But the truth is that I take a lot of photographs and I print very, very few. My photography is ruled by the 1% rule: Only about 1% of my pictures are portfolio worthy. And if something isn’t portfolio worthy, why would I pass it along to my family? I wouldn’t. So, in order for me to send pictures of my kids to my family, I have to either plan a photoshoot where I take a LOT of pictures or I have to hire someone to take pictures of my kids.

I finally decided to have a photoshoot. Because I’m cheap, that’s why.

Let me tell you a little secret: My kids are adorable. They really are. There is no getting around the fact that they are perfect little cherubs, photographically speaking.

I know… How can you take a bad picture of this face? You can’t. He’s always adorable.

These two aren’t too shabby either.

January 21, 2011

21.365: Inspiration is Everywhere

You know what’s awesome about small towns? One day you are driving along, minding your own business, when you spy something out of the corner of your eye.

Something like this:


And you realize that if you lived in Orange County or LA or any one of the million and one cities you could be living in, you would never in a million years be able to pull over to the side of the road and take three thousand pictures of a bunch of rocks stacked on top of each other.

Sure, there is a serious lack of Sushi ’round these parts. But hey- you can’t have everything.

January 17, 2011

17.365: Another Foggy Day

It seems like it’s always foggy here this time of year. It was a gorgeous day but the evening was still murky.

The Tule Fog rolls in and everything gets hidden. I noticed that these trees have new buds forming on them, so I’m taking that as a sign that Spring will be here tomorrow, no matter what the fog is trying to convince me.

I’m ready. Really, really ready. It can’t only be January, can it?

January 17, 2011

3.365 Almost a storm but not quite

There were storm clouds sitting right on top of the valley today. It looked like the sky couldn’t decide if it wanted to rain or shine.